What are the benefits or advantages of EECP over surgery?

  • EECP treatment covers the whole heart’s well-being, including the entire vascular system, and, unlike surgery,
  • It is not a ‘localized’ procedure. Thus overall holistic benefits are more.

    • There is no risk of infection, as the procedure is non-invasive.
    • There is no bleeding or risk of blood clots.
    • There is no downtime. It is simply a walk-in and walk-out procedure/session every time.
    • There is no anesthesia administered for EECP procedures. EECP is completely painless.
    • EECP has no adverse side effects. EECP does not affect other parts or organs of the body.
    • There is no risk of complications in EECP, as it is an external procedure performed by mechanical means.
    • There is no need to take any additional or separate medication for EECP.
    • The benefits of EECP have been scientifically proved and well documented worldwide.
    • In EECP, there is no recuperation time.
    • While promising similar relief like Bypass and Angioplasty, EECP procedures are much more cost-effective when compared to surgical procedures.
    • It is a well-known fact that heart surgeries require delicate precision and can be technically challenging. Hence, the risk of complications is more. Further, extensive preparation is required for Bypass surgery and Balloon Angioplasty with a stent. Even the post-recovery period is fraught with many ‘DOs and Don’Ts.’ All these can be avoided when undertaken by EECP procedures.

    Is EECP Alternative to Bypass Surgery / EECP Alternative to Angioplasty?

    Recently published groundbreaking clinical trial “ISCHEMIA”indicate that conservative drug management would be a better alternative to Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty. For most cardiac patients, the Myth that Bypass and Angioplasty are superior to drugs is proven false. EECP treatment with proper cardiac medications would be very efficient in relieving cardiac symptoms and protect the heart-rendering Bypass and Angioplasty unnecessary.

    Heal Your Heart, a unit of Vasomeditech, has pioneered the EECP treatment in Chennai and India. With deep experience and a qualified team of doctors and therapists, they deliver excellence in EECP therapy.

    There is no hospitalization, as the procedure is an outpatient procedure.


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Aaryan Health Care is a reputed organization of EECP treatment who are pioneers in EECP treatment in India since 2001. Aaryan Health Care EECP treatment centers are units of Vaso-Meditech Private Limited, Chennai, India. It is a reputed organization of proficient doctors and professionals delivering pioneering heart care solutions through Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) in Non-Invasive Cardiology. EECP therapy helps to form new blood vessels naturally, and it’s an alternative treatment for bypass surgery and angioplasty. EECP treatment is an alternative treatment when the patient prefers heart treatment without surgery.

Copyright by Host Prizma 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Host Prizma 2021. All rights reserved.